What do we do?

Software solutions

We've created the Buzz-tap solution to satisfy a clear need in the market for fast and easy feedback that doesn't annoy the users. This is our flagship product and we're delighted with how its progressed and grown.

Real Solutions

We've years of software, hardware and customer experience to create solutions which are not vapourwear; they're real.


Its a corporate buzzword, but its a word we live by. We dont pretend to know your business, so working together is key for everyone to end up with the right results.


Our solutions are built for scale - but only when needed, no point over architecting and adding complexity and cost for no benefit.

Correctly Focussed

We put ourselves in the seat of the consumers and the business using the data - you simply must keep everyone happy.

Was when we started!

We started off really small, all of us doing 2 jobs at once and grew to where we are today!

Here we are!

What is Myndite?


We're a team based in Europe (Ireland, Greece, United Kingdom) who could see the need and value for a product like Buzz-Tap. We've got a wide range of backgrounds from solution architecture, graphics design, service delivery and more and well over 50 years worth of experience to back up our skillsets. We've worked in many industries from transport, mining, software to the public service and entertainment.


We firmly believe there is a better way to run a business; managing teams and customers for the benefit of all. We care about our customer, our team and top of the list is enjoying life - taking care of mental health, enjoying work and having fun! We are also passionate about the environment, its 100% tied into our health and happiness, got to look after it!